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CompanionLink Professional 10.0.10002 Keys

CompanionLink Professional 10.10014 Keys is a dependable application that facilitates data synchronization between your preferred organizer software and a mobile phone. This synchronization may take place in both directions. The tool also facilitates the transfer of data across many accounts, including Google, Exchange, and the Office 365 Cloud, as an alternative.

With CompanionLink Professional Keygen Free, you can rapidly synchronize calendars and contacts from certain accounts with your mobile device. This software is compatible with desktop computers and web-based databases and applications such as AC!, GoldMine (with dBase, SQL, or Firebird), Google GroupWise, Highrise, Infusionsoft, IBM Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Office. Other transfer sources include Zoho, Palm Desktop, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and I’m & Chaos. This synchronization is only performed in one direction, from one previously mentioned instance to a mobile device or another service. It does not go in the other direction.

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CompanionLink Professional Keys Download 2022 Free

The destinations supported by this app include Android phones, Apple devices, BlackBerry devices, webOS devices, Palm handhelds, Windows Phones, and many other accounts. You can transfer data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Lotus Notes, Microsoft OneNote, Palm Desktop,, Exchange Online, or the Office 365 Cloud. If you send data to mobile devices, CompanionLink Professional Crack allows you to choose the transfer method. You can do the sync through DjaCloud, a direct USB connection, via Google, DjaConnect USB, local Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Other available options include:

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Be sure to provide the login credentials for any accounts, services, or databases you are already using if doing so is necessary for the transfer to be completed promptly. You can create several sync profiles, making it easier to transfer data in the future. In addition, you can enable two-way synchronization effortlessly. CompanionLink Professional Download Free is a reliable and easy-to-set-up application that can be used by many users thanks to its straightforward graphical user interface. You will need to ensure that the required connection type is present between the personal computer and the mobile device and provide the authentication details before beginning the process with a single mouse click. In addition to that, the application gives you the option to configure other sync categories manually.

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CompanionLink Professional 10.0.10002 Keys

CompanionLink Professional 10.0.10002 Keys

  • Outlook Android Sync: Android Sync via USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud from PC or Mac for Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365
  • Outlook iPhone Sync: Sync iPhone without iCloud – USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud from PC or Mac for Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365
  • Google Sync with Outlook: Sync Google Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with Outlook
  • Google Sync: Sync Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with Act!, IBM Notes, Palm Desktop
  • CompanionLink Crack DejaOffice PC CRM: DejaOffice PC CRM for Windows PCs
  • Act! CRM Sync: Sync Act! CRM to Outlook, Google, iPhone, and Android – Activities, Contacts, Notes, History
  • GoldMine CRM Sync: Sync GoldMine CRM to Google, and direct sync to iPhone and Android – Contacts, Nots, Calendar, History
  • Business Contact Manager: Accounts, Tasks, Projects
  • Palm Desktop Sync: USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud Sync from PC
  • IBM (Lotus) Notes Sync: Standalone Lotus Notes Sync
  • Time & Chaos Sync: USB, Wi-Fi, DejaCloud Sync
  • Galaxy S Sync: Sync Galaxy S securely with Outlook and Office 365
  • Nokia (Android): Sync new Nokia Android phones securely with Outlook on your PC
  • OnePlus (Android): Sync the new OnePlus Pro securely with Outlook on your PC
  • Pixel (Android): Sync Pixel Phone securely with Outlook on your PC
  • OnePlus (Android): Sync the new OnePlus Pro securely with Outlook on your PC
  • Gmail Sync: Sync Gmail Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks with Outlook, Act!, IBM Notes, Palm Desktop
  • Sync Outlook Colored Categories: Sync Outlook Colors to your Android and iPhone

What’s New?

  • Faster Outlook Sync! Works Lightning Fast!
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Reconnection.
  • New Microsoft Graph API using OAuth Login for, Exchange, and Office 365.
  • Direct iCloud Sync.
  • iOS 13 and Above (September 2019)
  • Act! v22, v23, and v24.

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